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Astrid Scholz

Boundless Futures Foundation

Grants to women owned for-profit and nonprofit businesses


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Boundless Futures Foundation’s grants to businesses are awarded directly to female entrepreneurs who put social impact front and center in their business products or practices. We look at a society’s biggest issues and believe in the power of entrepreneurs to provide solutions by going above and beyond “business as usual” to create impact through profit and purpose — to solve a problem, improve on the status quo, or give back in an intentional way.

Grant-eligible entrepreneurs demonstrate clear and consistent commitment to creating positive change through businesses with ambitious and effective social reach. These businesses address issues related to:

  • Poverty & Hunger

  • Sustainability & the Environment

  • Strong Communities

Grants are also awarded to mission-aligned nonprofits that provide women with skills and resources to start and sustain businesses through entrepreneurship-focused programs or services.

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