The Catalyst Fund

Grants between $2,500–$15,000 for anyone, anywhere in the world who has an early-stage idea that addresses pressing global challenges. Applications open year-round.


Closes: 1/1/2025, 7:59:00 AM


The Fund is geared towards small and/or early-stage ideas and projects that need a capital infusion to launch or prove viability. Awardees are typically piloting a program, venturing into new territory, on the cusp of launching, or pivoting in a new direction. It supports big ideas or projects that depart from the status quo and require us to look at a problem and its solution in a new light. These ideas have a high potential for impact across an entire community, city, or country. They tend to leverage existing infrastructure, build on partnerships (public and private), and improve on what’s already out there. Big ideas push boundaries and challenge convention. It supports individuals whose vision for change is audacious. Awardees seek significant, long-term impact and have a vision for how to get there and what needs to get done. They are able to articulate how they plan to make the world better and why. Their vision inspires others and offers a glimpse of a better future.

Application Process

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